The Thai Association of Washington State (TAWA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that cultivates, supports, and promotes Thai culture and community. TAWA offers business connection, arts and language classes through the Ban-Yen School, engages its membership in community service, and organizes goodwill events. Through TAWA, members work together to enhance their network and Thai knowledge in communities.
TAWA founded in 2009 is an official Thai non-profit organization in Washington State and partners with other Thai Associations in different states. TAWA continues to provide its members with the tools and resources to further Thai knowledge advancements in a personal and professional level.
TAWA members include a diverse group of entrepreneurs, individuals, and working professionals who are interested in Thai culture – food, religious, language, business etc. – and would like to enhance their interest and support one another to all levels – career, family, and community.
As a business owner, TAWA offers a classified section to promote your business. As an individual and family, TAWA organizes family-friendly events, and provides educational resources through the Ban-Yen school. As a working professional, TAWA organizes social and community service events to develop career network while contributing to a community.
Become a member with us and enjoy all the benefits that TAWA has to offer.