Pictures from Celebrating Wat Washington Buddhavanaram's 25th Anniversary

On Sunday, June 14th, 2009, hundreds of young and old Buddhists (Thais, Laos, Cambodians, and a few dozen Americans) congregated at Wat Washington Buddhavanaram of Auburn to celebrate the 25th anniversary of establishing the temple. On this auspicious occasion, Consul Kanaporn Chansuwat who oversees Cultural & Protocal Affairs led a team of staffs from Thai Consulate-General office in Los Angeles, California and local volunteers here at the temple to provide services to Thai citizens on Saturday and Sunday. There were plenty of food, fruits and desserts to go around both for free as part of traditional sharing spirit and for sale at minimal costs under the temporary tents outside the worshiping hall.  Following the traditional Sunday service, merit making and lunch, temple goers were treated by dancers (little children and young adults) with the beautiful Thai classical dances of different styles from various regions of Thailand. 

Below are pictures of the festivity.

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