MarketShare Fellowship for local Thai community!

Have you come from another country and now call Seattle your home? Interested in starting your own mobile food business in the Seattle area, but don’t have the resources to do so?  MarketShare, a new non-profit in Seattle, is here to help individuals from immigrant and refugee communities build their own mobile food businesses.
MarketShare has spent the last several months designing and raising the funds for two fellowships that will be awarded to two MarketShare Fellows this fall. Think of each MarketShare Fellowship as an all-inclusive mobile food business starter pack. Two mobile food businesses will be built around two talented amateur cooks who demonstrate aptitude and a genuine desire to become a small business owner. These two individuals will come from immigrant or refugee backgrounds and most likely bring forth cuisines and dishes that are not widely available to the general public.
The website is full of details, but perhaps the most important point to share with this community is that the program is FREE to the Fellows selected. MarketShare is ready to help Fellows start a real business that will operate at local outdoor markets and festivals.
Applications are now being accepted! You can find more specific details about the program here