The Most Loved and Respected American(s) to Siamese (Thai) People.

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From left to right, 

  1. Jim Thompson   (born in Greenville, Delaware on March 21, 1906 -- disappeared March 26, 1967)   An American businessman who helped revitalize the Thai silk industry in the 1950.

  2. Dan Beach Bradley M.Dหมอบรัดเลย (Marcellus, New York July 18, 1804 – June 23, 1873) An American Protestant missionary to Siam from 1835 until his last day in Bangkok.  The pioneer of Western medicine and He also introduced the first Thai-script printing press to Siam

  3. Francis Bowes Sayre พระยากัลยาณไมตรี (South Bethlehem, PA on April 30, 1885-March 29, 1972) A Harvard law professor who came to Siam (after WWI) to help negotiating unequal and unfair treaties with 10 European nations, which ended extraterritoriality  (สิทธิสภาพนอกอาณาเขต) and lifted restrictions on Thai import duties (ภาษีร้อยชักสามตั้งแต่สัญญาเบาวริ่ง). 

  4. ​Charles Woodruff Yost (Watertown, New York November 6, 1907- May 21, 1981) He served as a political adviser to US Lieutenant General Raymond Wheeler on the staff of Lord Louise Mount batten.  He saved Thailand from being occupied by British troop right after WW II to disarmed the Japanese troops.

  5.  Elvis Aaron Presley  (born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) The King of Rock and Roll or simply "the King".  There was no evident that Elvis had even been to Thailand, but his songs did.  His music ignited the American pop culture among youngsters and adults in Thailand during the 50's and 60's.  Elvis had a chance to greet the King and Queen of Thailand at Paramount Studios during the set G.I.Blues in June, 1960.

My apology for unable to come back and finish this Blog sooner than three weeks.  Something happened and it hurt the long time friendship of people of the two countries.  Thai court and justice system has been challenged by the US department of State for not recognizing Thai judgment on its own citizen.. ... I have got nothing else to say but please do not destroy what this country was built  from.

My vote goes to Dan Bradley for the most loved and respected American to Siamese people.  

Dr. Bradley (called by Siamese as Mor-Ba-Lad-Lay หมอบรัดเลย์) --an American Protestant missionary (ABCFM=American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions).  Dr. Bradley and  his wife (Emilie Royce) left Boston harbor and arrived Bangkok, Siam on July 18, 1835 which is his 31st Birthday.  

During his time in Siam, Dr. Bradley combined his mission work with the practice of modern medicine, introducing  vaccination, drugs to relieve pain, and modern obstetrics among Siamese people.  He was credited with numerous firsts, including: bringing the first Thai-script printing press to Siam, publishing the first Thai newspaper and monolingual Thai dictionary, performing the first surgery, and changing the way the people of Siam thought about Western medicines and technology. 

In 1935, Dr. Bradley brought a printing press from Singapore to Siam in order to print bible in Chinese.  With prince Mongkut's (later King Mongkut Rama IV--The King and I) help, Bradley soon fabricated Thai script for printing and in 1939 he started printing  "Prohibition of Opium Smoking" per Siamese Royal government's first order.  Bradley then printed the first monthly English newspaper "The Bangkok Recorder" and also in Thai a few months later.  Books of modern medicine, calendars, world Almanac and the first bible in Siamese were also printed by this same printing press and I believed this is the nicest thing he did to Siam.

Bradley was in trouble with the law several times from publishing The Bangkok Recorder newspaper.   He lost his case to the French Consul, Gabriel Aubaret  trying to protect Siamese government’s benefits over Cambodia.   He was ordered (by US Consulate court) to pay the fine of 107.75  Us dollars.  Several of his Siamese friends and some royal family had to contribute to pay for it.

Bradley died on June 23, 1873.  He is buried in the Bangkok Protestant Cemetery (Soi 72/5,

Charoen Krung Road

In 1981, Bangkok Christian Hospital began construction on a new 13-story medical building named in Bradley's honor: Mo Bradley Building (Thai: อาคารหมอบรัดเลย์). It officially opened on August 3, 1987.