3-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat


Your great opportunity to observe thoughts, feelings, sensations, and emotions in silent meditation, and with mindfulness through-out the day.  (Please note this is not a religious activity.)
Join our annual summer meditation retreat series.
The Retreat includes sitting and walking meditation practice, chanting, talks given by our resident Monk, and Thai Vegetarian meals.  For sleeping accommodations, this Summer, you will need to tent camp in the Serene Forest environment of our Monastery.  Please arrive by 6:00pm on Friday, to setup your tent and camping equipment, and check-in.  The Retreat starts on Friday, with Orientation, at 7pm, and ends on Sunday, at 4:00pm.
Select the dates that best suit with your calendar:
June 1st – June 3rd
July 27th – July 29th
August 31st – September 2nd
September 28th – September 30th
October 12th – October 14th
Your application must be sent at least 2 weeks ahead of the schedule.
For more information or application, go to: www.atamma.org